Technologies to transform environmental woes to wealth

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Agrizest: an elicitor for orchard crops and vineyards.


Agrizest improves the yield, quality, colour,  flavour and nutritional value in crops.


Agrizest is an elicitor that helps plants to naturally resist stress and damage while lifting productivity to deliver a substantial, sustainable increase in returns.









Biozest: for pastoral farming and annual crops.


Biozest improves pasture productivity

and palatability.


Biozest treatments on your farm could

increase productivity by over $1000 per hectare as treated  pasture is more easily converted to valuable meat and milk instead of  urea and methane.









Ecozest: for wastewater treatment

and bio-remediation.


Ecozest increases the catabolic activity of autotrophic bacteria and increases the digestion of organic matter without increasing bacterial biomass or sludge.


Ecozest saves time and energy

and reduces waste.







Naturezest: for the home gardener.


Naturezest is a superhero in the garden!


Naturezest boosts your plants' repair, growth and defence processes, reducing stress and improving overall health and performance






Technologies to transform environmental woes to wealth.


We are innovative system biologists and environmental biotechnologists.  Indigo operates in the agricultural biotechnology, industrial biotechnology and cleantech domain.


Indigo technologies will put businesses ahead in the global drive towards sustainability by helping to improve the efficiency of biological systems and transform industrial organic waste and pollution liabilities into economically valuable resources.











Using Indigo products will reduce the addition of expensive and environmentally negative inputs and increase the cleanliness and quality of outputs, resulting in more sustainable (and profitable) biological and industrial processes.


Indigo products are effective, clean and safe.

Indigo offers sustainable, fair and profitable outcomes for employees, partners and customers

Biozest for pastoral farming and annual crops
Ecozest for wastewater treatment and bio-remediation




Celebrating 10 Years

of healthy plants, high quality,

high yields and high returns






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