Natural Plant Health Booster

The Superhero in your Garden

Naturezest is a new generation, natural, plant health booster.


Naturezest will help you grow brighter, more fragrant, abundant flowers.

Grow healthier fruit and vegetables with improved colour and flavour.

And protect your garden from pest, disease and environmental stress.


If you're serious about gardening you need Naturezest!


Naturezest is a safe combination of plant extracts scientifically formulated

to put your plants' defence and growth systems in high gear.


Invented in New Zealand, Manufactured in New Zealand and 100% Kiwi Owned

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What is Naturezest?

 Naturezest helps plants to naturally resist stress and damage. Naturezest boosts your plants' repair, growth and defence processes.


Naturezest is an elicitor.

Elicitors activate natural defence processes in plants.


Naturezest does not contain hormones or fertilisers.  It is safe and doesn't cause phytotoxicity.


Using an elicitor like Naturezest, which triggers the plant's own system, allows the plant to regulate its own growth and balance its own internal chemistry while enabling the plant to overcome stress and produce the best growth, flowers and fruit possible.

What is Naturezest made from?

Naturezest is made from plant extracts that are also used in food and cosmetic manufacturing.


Naturezest is designed to trigger or 'elicit' a natural, positive reaction.  Your plants respond to Naturezest by producing a series of organic compounds to ward off pest, disease and environmental stress.


These compounds, such as essential oils, are also beneficial for gardeners as they increase flavour, colour, fragrance and growth.  Without any stress your plants are free to achieve their full, natural potential and grow big and beautiful!

How does Naturezest produce such a wide range of benefits?


Thanks to recent advances in science we now understand more about interactions within plants as well as between plants, the soil, the environment, pests and disease.  This has enabled us to develop a new generation of garden products.


Naturezest will ‘elicit’ or prompt your plants to activate their immune and defence systems just as they would do in response to pest, disease or environmental stress.  This triggers the production of not one, but many, natural compounds (such as essential oils) which have a range of benefits:

• enhance the colour in flowers, fruit and vegetables and

  reduce cold damage (anthocyanins)

• increase the bouquet in flowers, fruit and vegetables

  (aromatic oils)

• improve flavour (flavonoids)

• strengthen the defence system again pest and disease

  damage (isoflavanoids)

• help the plant absorb nutrients (isoflavanoids and flavones)

• harden cells and produce crunchier fruit and vegetables

  (lignin and suberin)

• help the plant repair damaged cells (coumestrol and

  other oils).

Unlike pesticides or herbicides which address a single problem or target, Naturezest triggers the plant's own system to increase the flow of a range of essential oils.  Increasing the production of these essential oils results in super protected plants; flowers, fruit and veggies that are tastier, brighter, crunchier and more fragrant. These essential oils are great for your health too.


Because your plants are strong and healthy you may find that you don't need to use as much fertiliser or use pesticides as often - this helps maintain natural soil function and structure and will enable beneficial insects and animals to thrive in your garden (avoid pesticides and you will notice the butterflies and bees return to your garden).

Safety and Testing

All agricultural compounds must be classified by MPI before they can be sold.  Naturezest has been classified by MPI (ACVM) as exempt from registration since 2006.  As part of this process we have provided MPI the full formulation details.


Naturezest is safe to use and fruit and vegetables can be picked and eaten straight after spraying.


Our product for commercial orchards, Agrizest, has been tested on export crops such as apples, grapes, citrus and kiwifruit using commercial scale, scientifically designed, and independently conducted, split block trials for more than 10 years (it is proven that kiwifruit growers earn $5000 more per hectare on blocks treated with Agrizest).  Naturezest is derived from Agrizest and has also been used by kiwi gardeners for 10 years.

Indigo Ltd was a finalist in the PricewaterhouseCoopers New Zealand Hi-Tech Awards 2007 and, following peer review by a panel of international scientists, a nominee for the World Technology Awards 2013.  The technology has been recognised by New Zealand technology experts and international scientists.

Will Naturezest kill pests and diseases?


No.  Naturezest will not kill anything – it is a very safe product.  But it does allow your garden to cope with stress due to pest and disease damage, to recover quickly and to generally improve the health and productivity of your plants.

How to Use Naturezest


Dilute 10ml (1 cap full) of Naturezest concentrate in 1 litre of water

Apply a light spray to coat the leaves of your plants

Apply weekly to reduce pest, disease and environmental damage.


Once made up Naturezest spray solution can be kept for several days. There is no wastage.

Naturezest should be kept at room temperature (18-20 degrees) if possible and will keep for 24 months.


Naturezest will settle in your sprayer - just shake and use. No need for any protective clothing. Safe for use around kids and pets.


Naturezest is completely safe – we don't recommend you drink it though (it tastes awful...and it wont make you grow!)






Take The Zest Test!


Conduct your own mini trial in your garden.


1. Set up control (untreated) and Naturezest (treated) plants. Ideally use 3 or more similar young plants in each group (same age, size, stage of growth, same potting mix).


2. Place each group of plants in a protected area, ideal for good growth. Make up a solution of Naturezest (10ml makes 1 litre)


3. Spray your Naturezest group of plants at least every 3 days. You should notice significantly different results within 1 - 6 weeks.  Make sure you spray your plants away from the others so that the spray doesn't drift onto the control plants.










EXAMPLE on the left of our own quick test results. Photos of capsicum plants - control on the left and Naturezest treated on the right after 6 weeks (left) and 10 weeks (right) of treatment.


Note the increased growth, higher flower numbers and timing,  stronger colour intensity, increased production, greater size, better shape and increased branching.


The treated plant has produced branches out of all the leaf axials on the main trunk (expressing its full genetic potential). The treated plant is in a more advanced development stage than the control. Naturally, the Naturezest treated plant is going to yield significantly more and also crop earlier.




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